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Migrant Hire – A New Mission

Migrant Hire was the creation of a recent migrant from Syria. He built a site to connect migrants coming to Germany to jobs and resources. Not just for those looking for a job, the site had separate portals for employers who could offer jobs. If you are interested in the old site, and the concept, particularly in Germany, you can read about it here.

When this domain became available as the old site was abandoned, we picked it up as the ideal name for a new site about the whole process of integrating migrants into society through employment. Anything migrant related is near and dear to our heart. So we will use this site to compare and contrast various countries efforts to place migrants. We will also add resources on moving on from the first country a migrant arrives at. And, we plan on providing an overview of the legal status provided to migrants that allows them to work.

If that sounds like it might be interesting, please check back and see how we are doing. You can let us know by getting in touch.

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